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Innovative Support for Owner Drivers

Jet Couriers uses state-of-the-art technology to optimise all logistics operations. We deliver the best possible courier solutions to ensure swift turnaround times to keep our clients smiling and our drivers focused.

Jet Technology

Proof of Delivery

Once upon a time, when a customer confirmed receipt of a delivery they had to sign a slip of paper which the service agent would then file in their log book for administration purposes. The ‘old school’ approach to compiling proof of delivery records was tedious and inefficient.

Our owner drivers now use PDAs (personal digital assistants) that provide delivery status updating and sign-on glass functionality. Jet Couriers continues to invest in technology to simplify the delivery model and improve driver workflow. The end-to-end Jet Couriers paperless delivery model boosts driver efficiency by keeping delivery administration to a minimum.

Track and Trace

The despatchers at each branch have real-time access to fleet routing technology. If a client, for example, requires an estimated time of arrival either the driver or the field operations team can provide an accurate update. In the event of an issue branch operations have full visibility of the fleet and can issue logical, well-informed instructions.

Radio Communication

There is no need to use your own mobile phone to communicate with our despatchers. We provide a two-way radio network to ensure you are always in contact with our team as well as a PDA for job control.

The technology features include GPS location services, text messaging, data transfer, auto job update and radio communication.

Logistics Made Easy

Deliver goods without the paper trail hassle and know that the team has your back when you encounter an unexpected problem. Join Jet Couriers today.

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