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The Perks of Driving with Jet

See why owner drivers across Australia are applying for positions at Jet Couriers.

Jet Benefit

Immediate Start

We process applicants quickly to get you in the driver’s seat as soon as possible.

Job Security

Our large client base guarantees a continual supply of work. Jet Couriers see driving as a profession and treat drivers accordingly. Work available includes point-to-point distribution services and permanent runs.


Take advantage of delivering goods to multiple clients in the one delivery run. Our branches service all metropolitan areas.

Experienced Despatchers

A poorly managed supply chain can be frustrating for owner drivers. Our despatchers were previously Jet Courier drivers so they understand the job. We always consider our staff first when we look to promote.

At Jet Couriers we provide a reliable support network of industry-experienced despatchers. Our drivers can focus on delivering goods rather than stress about the details.

Fleet & Service Discounts

Do you need a suitable vehicle to work in the industry? We have the contacts to help you find new and used vehicles. Service discounts are also available for Jet contractors (conditions apply).

Access to Modern Technology

The Jet model provides multiple methods of communication between branch and driver to ensure you can stay in contact with real people at all times. This means that support is always available.

Market leading IT infrastructure means customer booking to delivery is managed digitally. The automation in the model streamlines the process to minimise driver involvement in administration which maximises earning potential.

Customers and branch operations staff are updated electronically of delivery status so you can keep driving. No need to keep paper records as proof of delivery is recorded via sign-on glass.

New drivers will receive full training.

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Immediate start, experienced team and multi-loading potential. Join the Jet family today.

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